How to prepare for your family’s first First Tee class 

For kids and adults alike, trying new things is a great way to build self-confidence. But it can also be intimidating. While First Tee chapters aim to create welcoming environments, knowing more about what to expect may help your family feel more comfortable before its first class. 

“First Tee welcomes all ages and skill level of golfers to classes,” said Lexie Milford, senior director of programs technology at First Tee. “Families should feel comfortable arriving to any First Tee location knowing their participant will be met by trained and caring adult coaches that are ready to lead them through a variety of fun activities.” 

In addition to learning golf, First Tee’s curriculum is built around teaching kids to: 

  • Pursue goals. 
  • Grow through challenges. 
  • Collaborate with others. 
  • Build a positive self-identity. 
  • Use good judgment. 

First Tee coaches aim to create fun and colorful, hands-on experiences for kids, Milford said. Here is what parents and kids should know. 

First Tee emphasizes safety and inclusivity 

As a youth development organization, First Tee believes experiences are our greatest teacher and that they should be both fun and meaningful, where kids feel excited to grow, safe to fail and better equipped for whatever comes their way. 

Just like trying a new sport can be scary for kids, deciding to entrust your child to a coach or organization can also be a significant decision for parents. As part of First Tee’s commitment to safety, all employees, coaches and volunteers must complete a background check before working with kids. Plus, all employees, coaches, volunteers and board members are required to complete the U.S. Center for SafeSport training program. 

Additionally, while golf can have a reputation as an expensive and exclusive sport, First Tee aims to make it accessible to all families. Contact your local chapter if your child is interested in golf, but finances are a concern. First Tee also provides equipment and requires no special uniforms or shoes. For their first class, your child should wear something comfortable that makes them feel confident and allows them to move.  

Talking to your child about trying new things 

First Tee chapters cater to all kids, whether they are serious golfers, beginners and just play for fun. Even though you’ll find participants of all varying levels at First Tee, many kids are nervous during their first class. But it might be helpful to remind them that every golfer was a beginner once. 

Listening to their concerns and celebrating small successes can go a long way. “In my house, we love a good challenge and make a big deal for my kids when they make it through a new activity or experience, regardless of the outcome,” Milford said. 

With a curriculum that integrates life skills and character education, First Tee is about more than golf – which isn’t an easy sport, even for great players. Helping your child set small goals throughout their golf journey can be a good strategy to help them build confidence and teach them to enjoy a lifelong sport.